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About | Lori Hull Photography

About Me

Lori Hull Photography

Hiring a professional photographer isn’t for everyone. I like for my clients to take an active role in enjoying a personalized session. You budget and allot time for custom photography.

You want photos of their children/family as they really are, not posed and primped in a cookie-cutter studio setting. So, that’s my approach.

There is a great deal of time involved in creating high-end custom photography sessions for a client. You’ll enjoy the luxury of great service, better choices and high-quality, professionally printed products.

The result of all this are images you will treasure for a lifetime.

Anyone can take you or your family’s photos with a decent camera, or even their smartphone. You hire me to setup shots the right way, to use light to our advantage, to capture you and your family in the moment, and even to spend time in Photoshop to get rid of the distractions — without over-processing your images.

Most sessions take place in San Diego, Temecula, and Orange County. I also offer annual travel sessions in San Jose, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah!

If you’re ready to schedule your personal session, Contact me or just give me a ring at (951) 805-0097.

Temecula Photographer | Lori Hull Photography


Most of my family and “just kids” photography sessions take place in great locations throughout San Diego, Temecula, and Orange County, California. We usually shoot outdoors when the lighting is best, and I’ve always got recommendations for places we can go.


I’m a big believer in low-stress, casual, family photography sessions. My favorite thing about photography is capturing you…in the moment.


I believe in real laughs, real expressions, real joy. While I’ll always spend time cleaning things up after your session, nothing’s too posed and never over-processed with Photoshop. Just you at your very best.